A little bit about myself

I'm an experienced user experience designer with a passion for intuitive digital design.

My journey into the world of design started around 5 years ago. I'd graduated in Music Technology, and after working for various record labels and events in music found myself spending more time online. I was building sites for my side businesses, for friends, and for artists, frantically learning about web development and design.

I found myself fascinated at why some sites and applications effortlessly retained visitors, whilst others repelled them. I began to discern some patterns and decided to find out if there was more information on the topic.

Through my investigation I found out about Steve Krug, Don Norman and other user experience design experts. Reading everything I could on the subject, I became hooked, and before long I decided to enrol on a Masters degree at City University in HCI.

There I learned about the fundamental principles behind UX, studying things like interaction design, information architecture and user research methods. It was an intense, challenging and hugely rewarding year that gave me a good foundation with which to approach a career in in UX.

Since then I've worked for a broad range of businesses, working on everything from chemistry software to point of sales systems. The constant challenge has always been balancing functionality, user needs and business needs in the most elegant, intuitive manner possible. I love user experience design and feel grateful to work an industry where the possibilities for learning and experimentation are endless.


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